Multi-Textured and Mixed Race Hair Care at Soufi Salon, Hamburg

If you have multi textured hair then you may feel frustrated with your hair when it comes to styling. Many people with multi-textured, multi-racial hair don’t have the same type of curls consistently throughout their head of hair. This can cause problems when cutting and styling multi-textured or mixed race hair. At Soufisalon Hair Salon in Hamburg we understand the day to day challenges that occur for those with multi-textured hair. Cutting and styling bi-racial, multi textured hair requires an expert eye from a hairdressing specialist who will be able to assess your full head of hair and advise you on best practice for styling and conditioning. One of the very first tasks when attending Soufisalon  Hairdressers in Hamburg for your multi-textured hairdressing appointment is that your stylist will assess the type of curls you have. This will allow your   Soufisalon hairdresser to look at your hair’s overall condition and identify the type of curl in each section of the hair. Once identified, your Soufisalon hairdresser will cut the sections of your hair according to curl type for optimum results.

What other type of extensions services services do you provide?

We offer the full range of hair extension and weave services hair at our Hamburg salon including Twists, Braiding & Extensions, Bonding, Kinky twists, Marley braids, Havana braids and Afro Kinky. Please call us for more information and to book a consultation 04049203059.

Child-friendly afro salon in Hamburg

At Soufisalon hair salon in Hamburg we have a fantastic reputation when it comes to our younger clients. As parents ourselves, we understand how to converse with children visiting our salon and make them feel empowered and involved in the decisions regarding their hair. Not only can we put very young children at ease, but we will also talk to older children with a real direct adult approach, helping to educate them on their hair type and help them to understand the styling and hair care routine needs. Children naturally sometimes don’t like listening to Mum and Dad when it comes to the importance of good hair care, but our stylists have a brilliant way with our young clients, helping them to understand their hair treatments and give them clear, understandable advice when maintaining their hair.


Service Guarantee:   If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your hair service, please notify us and we will re-cut or correct your style.